Thank You CPF for Finding our Father:  Boksburg Advertiser – 22 August 2014

Malcolm and Teresa Horne, from Boksburg, write:

Voltaire said “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”.

We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the CPF for the selfless, yet invaluable, work they are doing in the community.
On August 17, our father, an 85-year-old suffering from Alzheimer’s, visited his neighbour and did not return home.At the time my mother, his 81-year-old wife, alerted neighbours and us, his children. By that time, it was already dark and cold.A hopeless task lay ahead and the feeling of despair was indescribable, but our faith in humanity was restored by the angels God sent on our path that evening.

We contacted Denise Curry, the chairperson of Boksburg CPF Sector 1, who was helpful and efficient in mobilising the patrollers.Within a short period of time we suddenly found more than 20 other CPF vehicles patrolling the area looking for a complete stranger, our father.Even CPF members of Benoni rendered assistance in various ways.To cut a long story short, our father was found and taken to Denise’s home, where he waited patiently, wrapped in a blanket with one of her little Yorkie dogs snuggled on his lap, for us to fetch him, while telling the many CPF volunteers “interesting stories” and sipping on a hot cup of coffee.What impressed us most was the willing and caring nature all of the people involved; nothing was too much trouble and they treated him with absolute respect and dignity.

Words cannot describe our relief and appreciation to all those unknown members of this community who played their part in finding a great gentleman in his twilight years.These actions tell a story about the fibre of this community, and the passion that will ensure that this remains a great place in which to be a resident.This traumatic experience has demonstrated to us the value of CPFs, as they are not only the proverbial feet and ears on the ground, but also represent the heart of the community they serve.

We salute all those involved, whether directly and indirectly.

CPF Comments on Tragic Shooting: Boksburg Advertiser – 12 June 2014

The Boksburg North CPF extends their deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the man who was killed in Impala Park on June 10.

“What happened was most unfortunate and left behind a heartbroken widow and two beautiful young children without a father,” says Denise Curry, chairperson of the Boksburg North CPF Sector One.She adds that a dear friend, colleague and family member is lost forever by the hand of heartless criminals.“

This incident once again reiterated the fact that criminals have no respect for a human life and won’t think twice to kill whoever crosses in their way of committing a crime.”She says that the broken families they leave behind means absolutely nothing to them.“

On behalf of the CPF, I urge the community to think twice before they take law in their own hands. It is human nature to protect our properties and what we have worked hard for, but losing our lives in the process is just not worth it,” says Curry.She adds that we have to keep in mind that criminals won’t enter a property without some kind of weapon to defend themselves, and they will not hesitate to use their weapons should their lives or freedom be put in jeopardy.“We request from the community to take note of and remember as many of the details and descriptions of an incident or suspect as possible.”

This is critical information that the SAPS need for their investigations and it will make a huge difference in bringing the perpetrators to book and keeping them off our streets.“The time has come for our community to stand together, take back our streets and expel the criminal rogues from our suburbs,” Curry says. – @CarmenBoksburg

Petrol Thieves Nabbed by Impala Park CPF: Tame Times - 22 January 2014

On Friday evening, 10 January, Thulani Mayindi, a petrol attendant at the Caltex Northpoint Service Station on the corner of Dassen and Trichardt Road, noticed that the Silver Chev Lumina that arrived at the station, to be filled with R400 petrol, did not have any number plates.
Thulani said the occupants of the vehicle acted suspiciously. Without making it obvious, he cleaned the windscreen of the vehicle whilst memorising the licence plate number that was on the licence disk. He also asked Petrus Sebande to memorise the details, just for in case they might need it.

When the same vehicle sped off without paying, Thulani and Petrus immediately contacted the CPF, at 082 889 9260, to report this crime.
Denise Curry tried to calm the callers down in order to get all the relevant and correct information to enable the Impala Park CPF Patrollers to take immediate action. Simon Kops, Clive Curry and Shaney Curry immediately went to the Caltex Garage, whilst Denise called all Impala Park CPF patrollers on their radio network to be on urgent lookout and to relay the information to Benoni CPF.

Mr Clive Patterson and his patrollers from Benoni CPF were busy with an operation in the Western Extension area and within minutes reported that they found the vehicle and perpetrators in the same area.
Impala Park CPF patrollers rushed to the scene in Western Extension and positively identified this vehicle as the one that left the Caltex Garage. Upon their arrival of Benoni SAPS, the perpetrators admitted guilt. They offered to immediately pay for the R400 petrol they stole earlier. The owner of the Caltex Garage, Mr Louis van der Westhuizen, was not prepared to accept this “admission of guilt” offer and insisted that these youngsters be brought to book for their crime, as he was convinced that they got away with the same crime many times before.

Clive and Shaney took Thulani to the Boksburg North SAPS station to make his statement and to lay a theft charge against the youngsters. Benoni SAPS arrested the perpetrators and took them to the Boksburg North SAPS to be locked up for the weekend until their court appearance on Monday.
This is yet another success story for the already famous Impala Park CPF patrollers. Francois Squire, the head patroller, and Daey Engelbrecht, the Sector 1 head patroller, are extremely proud of this 21-man team and wants all criminals to know that their slogan, Zero Tolerance for Crime, is exactly what they should take note and be scared of.

Quick action by petrol attendants lead to arrest: Boksburg Advertiser - 21 January 2014

Keen observation and a quick reaction by two petrol attendants led to the arrest of criminals on January 10.

According to Denise Curry, chairperson of the Boksburg North Sector One CPF, Thulani Mayindi, a petrol attendant, noticed that a vehicle that arrived at the station to be filled with R400 of petrol did not have any licence plates.“Mayindi said the occupants of the vehicle acted suspicious so while he cleaned the windscreen of the vehicle he memorised the licence plate number that was on the licence disk on the windscreen,” says Curry.She adds that Mayindi asked another attendant, Petrus Sebande, to memorise the details as well.The driver of the vehicle then left the service station without paying for the petrol.

Curry says the two attendants immediately contacted the CPF number (082 88 99 260) to report the crime.She adds that she tried to calm them down in order to get all the relevant and correct information to enable the Impala Park CPF patrollers to take action.“Members of the CPF went to the service station, while I contacted all Impala Park CPF patrollers on their radio network to be on urgent lookout, and also relayed the ‘lookout’ details to Brandon Scott and Clive Patterson and their patrollers of the Benoni CPF,” she says.

Curry adds that Patterson and his patrollers were busy with a CPF operation in the Western Extension area and within minutes reported that they had found the suspects in the same area.“Our patrollers went to the scene and identified the vehicle and the Benoni SAPS were called to investigate,” she says.“When they arrived the perpetrators admitted guilt and offered to pay for the petrol they had stolen earlier.”Louis van der Westhuizen, the owner of the service station, was not prepared to accept the “admission of guilt” offer and insisted that the men pay for their crime.She adds that the Benoni SAPS arrested the perpetrators and took them to the Boksburg North SAPS, to be locked up.

BN CPF Sector 1 is getting ready to fight crime during the Festive Season: Tame Times – 4 December 2013

The management and patroller team of CPF Sector 1 are putting plans in place to ensure that criminals stay out of their area during the festive season. Ms Geraldine Mochubela from the MEC’s office of the CPF Cluster attended the monthly CPF Sector 1 meeting on 13 November. At this meeting it was agreed that 30 CPF foot patrollers will be trained and registered to assist in the crime fighting initiatives of Sector 1. These 30 foot patrollers will be utilised during daytime and the current 18 patrollers, who are residents of Sector 1, will continue to do patrolling during the night and day where possible.

The CPF members and patrollers utilise their own vehicles and funds and sacrifice a lot of their personal time to assist in the crime fighting activities of the CPF. The chairperson, Denise Curry and deputy chairperson, Simon Kops took three days out of their busy schedule to do fundraising to assist in the CPF Sector 1 crime fighting activities. Five CPF Boards have been erected in the Sector 1 area, which was sponsored by businesses in the sector. The costs of these boards, which includes one year advertising for the sponsored business, vary between R4 500 and R10 000. Approximately 50 CPF Patroller Boards have been put up at community member’s houses at a cost of R200 per CPF Board. All the funds raised by the CPF Management and Patroller Team will be used to establish a repeater network for the CPF patroller communication radios and to purchase more radios for the CPF patrollers.

“We have already done a lot of work and we still have a lot of work to do. Our rewards are the diminishing of crime in our Sector 1,” says Denise Curry. “I have a highly dedicated team and we work closely together towards a goal which will benefit all residents and businesses in our community. Our motto for Sector 1 is – ‘This Community has a Zero Tolerance for Crime’. Since the inception of the CPF Patroller Group, crime in our area has gone down from alarmingly high levels to hardly any crime, which is a clear indication that we are doing something right.”

The CPF Sector 1 is looking for management as well as patroller representation in Atlasville, Bardene, Bartlett and Witkoppie Ridge. Please contact Daey Engelbrecht, the CPF Sector 1 head patroller, on 082 88 99 260 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join and/or donate to this crime fighting initiative.


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