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Banking Details: 
Institution: Nedbank RRB Greenstone Mall
Account Number: 1067895612
Account Type: Current Account
Account Holder:  Boksburg North Community Police Forum

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 Our Proud Sponsors


Community Member Cash Donations:

Susan and Lisa Brummer (Witkoppie Ridge)
Brian and Avril Pirie (Atlasville)
Nico and Lee Benn (Impala Park)
Riaan Delport (Witkoppie Ridge)
Angela Heuer (Impala Park)
Ben Rossouw (Bartlett)
Elize van Zyl (Witkoppie Ridge)
Mike and Heather du Plooy (Witkoppie Ridge)
Piet Crous (Witkoppe Ridge)
Carine Lewarne (Atlasville)
Andre van Staaden (Bardene)


House CPF Boards:

Approximately 860 boards have been sold to date. 
We thank our Community Members for their ongoing support.




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